Fremont Indian State Park – Sevier, Utah

Immerse Yourself in History at Fremont Indian State Park.  There’s so much to see and do at Fremont Indian State Park near Sevier, Utah, just 21 miles southwest of Richfield!  You could spend a week there and still not see everything available.  Fremont Indian State Park is home to the nation’s largest and most beautiful Native American pictograph treasury.  This historical site preserves the art of the Fremont Indians and provides a unique look into our nation’s history.

Explore the twelve interpretive trails in-depth, taking time to study the pictographs and petroglyphs.  Pictographs are painted symbols, and petroglyphs are carved into the stones of the historic site.  The visitor’s center introduces you to the park with a video program, and the trails lead you on a fascinating journey through history.  

Native artists painted and carved big-horn sheep, wheels, and hands, telling the story of their lives in symbols.  You supply the narrative with your imagination and interpret the symbols you see through your eyes and own experiences.  

Fishing, bike trails, and horseback riding are also available for your enjoyment.  The soothing rush of the streams almost makes you forget you’re trying to catch a fish.  Your mountain bike lets you explore much further than a simple hike.  What could be better than saddling up in the cool, early morning air and spending the day exploring Fremont Indian State Park with your horse?  Wildlife spotting opportunities abound, so don’t forget to slow down and listen for the call of the birds or the flash of a rabbit’s tail.

The park is open all year long.  RV sites are available, and individual campsite reservations for Fremont Indian State Park are accepted up to 16 weeks in advance, so you can plan ahead for your visit.  Group reservations are also accepted up to 11 months in advance.  Drinking water is provided and modern restrooms make your camping experience much more comfortable.

If you’re just visiting for the day, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it at one of the many picnic spots throughout the park.  If you’re camping in your tent or RV, you’ll treasure cooking a good meal over an open campfire, surrounded by history and nature.  You might even be inspired to tell a few stories from your own unique adventures, just as the Fremont Indians were inspired to set their stories down in stone.

3820 W. Clear Creek Canyon Rd.
Sevier UT 84766