The Family History Library – Salt Lake City, Utah

fscenter_lib_slc (1)The Family History Library – Salt Lake City, Utah

Operated by the church of the Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints this library is open and free to the public to help in the search for your family ancestors.  It is operated by FamilySearch, the genealogical arm of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(LDS Church).

Family History Library can be traced to the founding of the Genealogical Society of Utah in 1894.  It is  largest genealogical library in the world and is open to the general public at no charge.  Not only does it trace the ancestors of the LDS community but also anyone else that wants to find their history.  With the huge data base and microfilms and books available from more than 110 countries the information is available.  There are even people that will assist you with your search for no charge.

When you are planning to go to the Library there are certain things that will greatly assist you in making the trip worthwhile.  Get all of your materials in order, everything that you have related to your search.  Check out what other people have already searched on Ancestral File or Pedigree Resource File on the Library website.

Identify the places that your family has lived in the past.  This will help in locating the pertinent records.  You don’t have to fumble through alone, there are  reference consultants willing to help and experienced in nearly every need to find the information you want.

As you look at a film or book, make sure to write down the name of the source you searched, the film or book number, and note what you found, or what you did not find, in that source. Be prepared to capture what you find by writing it down; taking a picture; or using printers, copiers, and scanners available in the library. There is a small use fee for anything you decide to print. This will keep you from looking in the same places over and over again.

35 North West Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84150
Monday – 8-5
Tues – Saturday – 8 am – 9 pm
Closed on Sunday