Arches National Park – Moab, Utah

Visiting the state’s National Parks

First in our itinerary are the various National Parks you can visit. Many of these parks are protected by the government that is why many of which are untouched or changed by people giving you the chance to experience nature at its fullest. You can experience biking and hiking along it many trails. But if you’re the type of person that doesn’t stand too long outdoors, don’t worry because you can also enjoy the park by having a tour with your car.

Some of these parks include Arches National Park, which is located in the southeastern part of Utah. It is known for its impressive rock formations with different shapes and sizes. Some are mushroom-shaped rocks, high sandstone rock faces, battlements, buttresses pinnacles and ridges. But the most love is the several hundred sandstone arches, some of which are gigantic in size. All of these rock formations are cause by natural erosion of wind and weather.
Another must visited park is the Bryce Canyon National Park, which is located in the southwestern part of Utah. Within the park is the Bryce Canyon that is like a giant natural amphitheater brought about by the natural process of erosion. The structures are called hoodoos, which are tall thin spires of rock that obtrude from underneath the badlands and arid basins. They are formed from water, wind and ice erosion of the lakebed and river sedimentary rocks. The orange, white and red colors of the rocks provide stunning views to tourists.