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Heritage Highway 89 – Sevier Valley Region

Central Utah

Heritage Highway 89 – Sevier Valley Region

This portion of the Heritage Highway 89 will give you a taste of the history of the area from pre-historic Indian sites to remnants of the old west.  The farmers and ranchers of the area follow the ancient Native American tradition of living off the land.  There are forts, state parks and historical markers all along the way to give you a history lesson as you travel.

If you can spend a little time in the area you will be able to take in some of the local culture like livestock auctions and Dutch oven dinners that are filled with stories of Butch Cassidy characters.  Truly an enjoyable area to spend some time in.

The highway passes through 13 different areas with history and culture all their own.  Salina was settled in 1864 but was abandoned after the Blackhawk War and rebuilt a few years later.  The community was founded by about 30 families from the Mormon groups.  The found abundant salt deposits in the area so they named the area Salina.

With the creek north of the settlement being able to provide power and water for irrigation, domestic purposes, and run the sawmills, grist mills, salt refineries and generation of electricity the community was well on the way to advanced living.  When the railroad ran through the area in 1891 it became a shipping terminal between the areas settlements and the rest of the state. 

During WWII Salina contained a POW camp, housing 250 German prisoners.  Not all went well during this time because of a Private Clarence Bertucci who climbed one of the guard towers and took aim at the tents of the prisoners.  He fired 250 rounds and managed to hit thirty tens in his 15 second ramage.  By the time he was disarmed he had killed 6 prisoners and wonded 22, three of these would later die of their wounds.

Glenwood was established in 1863.  There was a stone fort constructed at this site in 1866.  It didn’t help when the Black Hawk War of 1867 began.  The settlers and the local indians left Glenwood for a one year period although they came back when peace resumed in 1868.  There are a number of historic buildings to see in Glenwood.

Fish Lake is a small town boasting of deep waters and record trout.  Fish Lake is stocked with rainbow, brown and lake trout, as well as splake.

Redmond is names because of the red mounds west of town.  Bentonite clay deposits and a salt mine are part of this area witht he salt mine being nearly 100 years old and still remains active.

The little town of Aurora offers you some fun shopping in their antique stores and seeing the beautiful hand-sculptured stone furniture.

In Siguird the post office was the key to the community.  You will enjoy seeing all the crafts available in this area.

Richfield is the largest city int he area and is truly a rich farming area.  Creameries, museums, antique stores and more wait for you to come and visit.  While there enjoy the mystic hot springs of the area.

Monroe was a fort built to protect agains Indian invasions.

Joseph (once known as Jericho) honors the heritage of early pioneers and farmers with its Old Farm Museum.  There are tools from the era on display for you to see.

Then there is Sevier which was names in honor of the river and county.